Clock Restoration #939

Restored Antique Clock | eXibit collection

This was found lying down in a storage location and infested with webbing all over!

eXibit decided not only to get it working but to also give it a fresh facelift.

Restored Antique Clock | eXibit collection


ANTIQUE J.P Arboe Bornholm Grandfather Clock


Non-working order and cosmetically in a very poor state 


Restored Antique Clock | eXibit collection


Full Restoration

Item underwent:

  • Complete dismantlement
  • Casing Sanded and Hand Painted Black with Gold Gilt
  • Parts restored
  • Clock face cleaned
  • Face cover rim polished and glass cleaned
  • Side glass panels replaced
  • Dial hands polished
  • Pendulum restored and polished
  • Door locked Restored 
  • Casing cracks strengthened
  • Mechanism refurbished
  • Winding Key was sourced



New lease on life location: 



Narvarende grandfather clock is manufactured in the period 1800-1820 (empire bornholmer) of watchmaking Jorgen Sayeh (1749-1820) in ronne.



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