Clock Restoration #1085

Restored Vintage Clock | eXibit collection

Missing many parts!

eXibit came along & resorted the limbs,
and then some.


Original F.M.S. Mantel Clock.


Non-working order and cosmetically in a very poor state.


Full Restoration to casing and mechanics 

Item underwent:

  • A Complete dismantlement
  • Missing parts repaired
  • Wood casing sanded, painted & glossed
  • New Face Dial created & glass face cover and frame polished
  • New Ornate Dial hands
  • Pendulum and Key sourced
  • Mechanisms refurbished



New lease on life location:

Adelaide, SA.


FMS German Manufacturer Friedrich Mauthe, Swchwenningen Germany. The face of the clock shows the Friedrich Mauthe trademark of a right facing eagle with the lettering F.M.S. This trademark was used starting in 1920. It became controversial in the 1930s because of its similarity to the German 3rd Empire's symbol that had an eagle facing to the left.


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