Clock Restoration #948

Restored Antique Clock | eXibit collection

Poor little thing thought life was over!

But then eXibit came into its life


Original early 1900's Sessions U.S.A. Mantel Clock.


Non-working order and cosmetically in a very poor state.


Full Restoration to casing and mechanics 

Item underwent:

  • A Complete dismantlement
  • Missing parts repaired
  • Wood casing sanded, painted & glossed
  • New Face Dial created & glass face cover and frame polished
  • Reduced it to 4 columns rather than 6 due to no parts
  • Restored all the gold features
  • Mechanisms refurbished



New lease on life location:

Geelong, VIC.


On January 9, 1903, the clock company was reorganised as The Sessions Clock Company. Between 1903 and 1933 Sessions produced 52 models of mechanical clocks, ranging from Advertisers, large and small clocks with logos of various businesses, to a wall, or regulator clocks, and shelf or mantel clocks, designed for the home.

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