Clock Restoration #1252

Restored Vintage Clock | eXibit collection

This top Rooster 🐓 will now be able to Roost again!


SBS Feintechnik. Made in West Germany, Synt-Oil Wall Clock.


Non-working order and cosmetically in a poor state.


Full Restoration to casing and clock face

Item underwent:

  • Complete dismantlement
  • Missing parts repaired
  • Wood casing sanded, stained & glossed
  • Metal face dial completely sanded back, painted white and roman numerals hand-painted to match original
  • Clock hands replaced with gold ornate metal
  • Chain and ornate brass décor restored
  • Mechanisms refurbished



New lease on life location:

Yanco, NSW


Since 1856 SBS-Feintechnik constructed fully mechanical clockworks for wall clocks and household clock. SBS is distinguished by a number of subtleties: Westminster chimes, moon phases or Graham works.

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