Home Decor Restoration #1296

Antique Sessions Mantel Clock | eXibit collection This poor mantel was heading for the scrap heap ! Luckily it landed into eXibit's hands !! Item:  ANTIQUE American Sessions Mantel Clock   Condition:  Non-working order and cosmetically in a very poor state   Antique Sessions Mantel Clock Restoration | eXibit colleciton  Requirements:   Full Restoration  Item underwent: Complete dismantlement Parts restored Clock face cleaned Face cover rim polished and glass cleaned Dial hands replaced Pendulum restored and polished Wood casing Hand painted and glossed Every screw polished Mechanism refurbished Winding Key was sourced Status:  SOLD New lease on life location:  Bulleen, Victoria  History:  On January 9, 1903, the company was reorganized as The Sessions Clock Company. ... Between 1903 and 1933 Sessions produced 52 models of mechanical clocks, ranging from Advertisers, large and small clocks with logos of various businesses, to wall, or regulator clocks, and shelf or mantel clocks, designed for the home.

This carnival horse was stored away after production and left unfinished!

eXibit got their hands on it and gave it a purpose in life!


Fiberglass Carnival Horse


Unfinished and left in a poor state 


Full Restoration

Item underwent:

  • Patched up damaged bits
  • Completely sanded and buffed
  • Hand Painted



New lease on life location: 



Was molded in the early 80's and sourced from an Adelaide S.A. production warehouse in unfinished condition.